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       Tianjin Fuji Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in producing consumable

materials for laboratory scientific apparatus. The brand products  "Xiboshi"  are made in accordance

with the philosophy of innovation and are highly commended by clients for its consistent high quality. 

      “Xiboshi” laboratory sample filter and microfiltration membrane made the automatic production

of ultrasonic soldering come true and raise the annual yield to over 6millin.Strict control of soldering

work flow, clear workshop of level 100,000, autonomously supervising flow line, full-dimensioned

testing support of HPLC and IC, completely new independent packaging style and sterilization treatm-

ent according to client’s requirements therein all are safe and convenient. 

      In respect of SPE (Solid Phase Extraction), the self-researched and developed sieve plate and chrom-

atographic packing and self-loading technologies accord the product recovery rate with repeatability.

Moreover their performance in the sample pre-disposal of high pressure liquid chromatography and ion

chromatography is in supreme quality.